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Single Bay Raised Bed

Single Bay Raised Bed

  • Base Liner Included
  • Side Liner Included
  • Treated Timber
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Width of the Front Bay
Width of the Side Bay
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Our single raised beds are a good choice if you have a smaller space or simply want to have a go at gardening on a smaller scale.


Why not get the children involved in growing their first vegetables and learning how plants grow.

We offer our raised bed in different heights making it adaptable to your needs as well as the vegetable requirements.  A lower height for children is perfect, but if you have mobility difficulties then why not consider a taller bed to ensure less bending over.

Weeds are a problem with any gardening so eliminate them from the start with the weed suppressant liner that we will send you free of charge with the bed. Simply trim the liner to cover the ground of the bed and add your compost. It's designed to separate the compost from the ground and banish those weeds from day one but to let water drain through.

Additionally we also include a heavy duty wall liner to line the inside of the; walls of the bed. This helps to protect the timber and maintains the moisture in the soil.

Choose the width and height that fits your space and remember you can always add on at a later date if you find you need more.

So a quick overview -

  • we also include the free weed suppressant liner to kickstart your growing
  • choose the width and height that fits your spaceno tools needed - simply slot the boards into the posts.  The dovetail joint guarantees the bed's strength so no need fo extra nails
  • the bed can be erected on any level ground with no need to dig footings
  • remember all posts and boares are pressure treated against rot and no further treatment is needed.

Volume of 375mm Bed

Volume of 500mm Bed

Care Instructions

Although the timber is treated against rot and decay, we would recommended rotating the boards on a regular basis.

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