Collection: Wooden Compost Bin & Lid Set

Choose a Wooden Compost Bin and Lid Set to get the complete look for your garden.

What makes our Wooden Compost Bins stand out? It's all in the details. Our timber boards are thicker (22-25mm) , ensuring robustness that lasts. Say goodbye to flimsy bins – ours are built to withstand the test of time, giving you peace of mind as you compost away.  Our posts are 75mm wide and designed to last.

All of our timber is pressure treated to safeguard against rot and fungus, requiring minimal maintenance on your part. 

Crafted with durability in mind, our lids are tailor made from 14mm tongue and groove smooth planed timber which again is pressure treated. Keep the wind at bay and vermin away, ensuring a tidy and pest-free composting space. It's the finishing touch that adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your garden

The lids are not just durable but also convenient. Designed to fit just inside the top of our Compost Bins, they are supplied ready assembled. Handling is straightforward, with each lid supplied in two halves for every bay.

Currently available exclusively in square sizes, our Wooden Compost Bin and Lid Sets offer a comprehensive solution for your composting needs.

🌿 100% timber construction with no screws or nails, guaranteeing a long-lasting and robust product that's been designed with years of use in mind.
🍃 Pressure-treated timber to safeguard against rot and fungus, requiring minimal maintenance on your part.  Learn more about Our Timber.
🔧 Easy assembly, thanks to the ingenious design where boards effortlessly slide into the posts. The extra-strong dovetail joints provide maximum strength, and the best part? No tools are needed.
♻️ Convenient access to empty the bin whenever you need by simply sliding out the boards.

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