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Discover incredible savings on our limited stock of 'seconds' Triple Compost Bins.

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In these compost bins, the posts maintain our high-quality standard. However, the boards are categorised as 'seconds'. But don't worry, they are still structurally sound and perfectly functional. 

The 'seconds' boards may exhibit minor cosmetic imperfections, such as small splits at the ends, marks, stains, small chips, scuffs, or fading. These issues typically affect only one side of the board, which we recommend placing on the inside of your compost bin. This makes it ideal if you plan to paint your bin or if it will be tucked away at the end of your garden. 

Rest assured, all the boards have undergone our standard pressure treatment to protect against rot and fungus. This means you'll enjoy a low-maintenance and long-lasting product that requires minimal upkeep.   All boards are 22-25mm thick and all posts are 75mm wide.

To give you even more flexibility, we include spare boards with your purchase. This way, you can personally select the boards you prefer to use in your compost bin.