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Our medium wooden log store offers a little bit more room for those logs.

All achieved without compromising the basic requirements needed to keep that timber dry.

  • If you have a log burner or an open fire then you probably have the problem of where to store your logs.  You'll want dry timber that gives a good clean burn rather than producing lots of smoke and tar up your chimney.  

    After all, although we all love looking at the flickering flames - heat is the main aim for most of us.  

    Therefore, we've designed our timber log store to look attractive as well as being completely functional.  

    As usual we've done things a little bit differently with our slot and slide approach, plus a sloping roof to keep the logs dry as well as giving you that little bit extra storage space.

    The medium size log store is a little bit wider than the small version, giving you even more room for your logs.


    • we've put in a slotted side to allow good air flow and rapid drying which is exactly what you need for green ( ie wet) timber.  Use the elements to dry your logs naturally and even better - it's free.
    • we've included a solid base to keep the logs off the ground.  There's no point stacking your logs on the ground as the bottom layer is likely to never dry out.
    • our easy slot system means you don't have to be a handy man/woman to put the log store together.
    • we've made our design a little bit different in that the roof slopes away to keep the rain off the logs (and off your feet so no need to stand in a puddle).
    • our extra strong 22mm thick boards and 75mm extra strong posts are a standard feature to give you a rigid structure.  We don't do wobby log stores.
    • the important bit about dimensions - 1500mm (height)  x 1510mm (width) x 715mm (depth).

     Recommended for

    • keeping your logs dry to give you a clean burning fire.  Use the elements to  slowly dry your logs and get the best burn.
    • a stylish look to your home - after all who wants an ugly log store!
    • this is a freestanding log store -  there's no need to push it against your house or a wall.

    Don't forget

    • the roof and sides are preassembled so all you need to do is slot the rest together.
    • it can be assembled straight onto the ground - no concrete base is required.
    • as the boards lock together it gives a very rigid structure which is vital when it is full of heavy logs.
    • all the wood is already treated against rot and decay no staining or painting is needed (unless of course you want to).
    • due to the size of the log store, this will be delivered on a pallet .
  • Imperial Measurements

    • Height : 4.9 ft
    • Width : 4.95 ft
    • Depth: 2.4 ft

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