Log Stores

With the rise in log burners and open fires, we're all needing somewhere to put those logs.  

It's great when you receive your log delivery tipped out on the driveway but where are you going to put them afterwards?

It's even better if your logs are already seasoned (dryish) so that you can put them on the fire or in your log burner straight away with clouds of smoke everywhere.  

BUT sometimes you may receive green timber (wet) and as you may know, wet timber burns slowly, with lots of smoke and creates tar up your chimney.

What better way to store your logs and dry them at the same time - we present to you our Agamemnon Timber Log Stores.

So don't forget - although we'll tell you a bit more on the individual product page....

  • No groundworks are required and there are no holes to dig.  Put the spade back in the tool box.

  • As all of our timber is pressure treated against rot for long life there is no need to treat or stain it - unless of course you want to.

  • Our boards are extra thick at 25mm to give you that extra strength and quality.  No warping allowed.

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  • Small Log Store

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    Our small wooden log store is ideal for keeping those logs dry for your fire. 

    Dry logs give a longer lasting cleaner burn making more heat for you and less sparks.

  • Medium Log Store

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    Our medium wooden log store offers a little bit more room for those logs.

    All achieved without compromising the basic requirements needed to keep that timber dry.

2 Item(s)