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Board thickness25mm
Treated timber?Yes
Bay height3 heights available
Bay width5 widths available
Tools needed for assemblyNone

Double Bay Compost Bin

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Ideal for medium-sized gardens, allotments, and composting systems.

Looking for that bit extra?  try the double bay bin which has two separate bins which can be ordered to the height and width you need.

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  • Our double bay compost bins are a good choice if you have a medium to large-sized garden and need a bit more space to cope with compostable materials.

    As usual our Double Compost Bin is made from 100% treated wood and will blend into your garden with its natural, rustic appearance.

    Size wise it doubles the composting area of our standard single bins as it is two full size individual bins.

    Our double compost bin is typically used in a garden where the lawn is cut with a petrol-driven push mower or a ride-on mower and where it takes you more than an hour to cut the grass. You can add further bays (with the add on bay option) later if you find this compost bin is too small.

    This size is also popular for use on allotments (where most of the composting material is from plants other than grass) and for those who have space for a composting system.

    You don't even need to have both bays the same width, although they have to have the same depth (side measurement).

    The Double Compost Bin come in a choice of 3 heights, 5 side widths and 5 front widths so we're confident we have one that will fit your space.

    Simply select the combination that works best for you and we'll do the rest.

    So a quick overview  

    • extra thick 25mm boards (that's almost 1 inch).
    • you can choose the width and height that fits your space.
    • you won't need any tools - simply slot the boards into the posts.  The dovetail joints guarantee the bin's strength so there's no need for any nails.
    • the bin can be assembled on any level ground with no need to dig footings.
    • remember it's treated against rot and no further treatment is needed - ever!  
    • the double bin is likely to be delivered on a pallet but we'll let you know beforehand when it's coming.
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  • Volume (litres)


      COMPOST BINS    
      FRONT BAY (mm)   HEIGHT (mm)
      600 800 1000 1200 1400  
    SIDE BAY (mm)              
    600 281 374 468 562 655   780
    360 480 600 720 840   1000
    450 600 750 900 1050   1250
    800 374 499 624 749 874   780
    480 640 800 960 1120   1000
    600 800 1000 1200 1400   1250
    1000 468 624 780 936 1092   780
    600 800 1000 1200 1400   1000
    750 1000 1250 1500 1750   1250
    1200 562 749 936 1123 1310   780
    720 960 1200 1440 1680   1000
    900 1200 1500 1800 2100   1250
    1400 655 874 1092 1310 1529   780
    840 1120 1400 1680 1960   1000
    1050 1400 1750 2100 2450   1250
      Volume in litres per bay (approximately)    
  • Imperial Measurements

    The following tables are a rough guide for comparing our sizes in imperial measurements. If a size is crucial to your garden, then we would recommended measuring in metric sizes.



    Board Size   Post Size
    mm feet   mm feet
    600 1.9   780 2.6
    800 2.6   1000 3.3
    1000 3.3   1250 4.1
    1200 3.9      
    1400 4.6      
  • Customer Reviews

    Great product, price and service - the trifecta of good shopping online

    Pleasantly surprised by both the cost (I'd priced up doing it all from scratch and the wood alone came to nearly as much as this!) and the neat design - the dovetailed slotting is solid and easy to put together with really clear instructions. It looks good, comes in whatever size you want and looks like it'll last. Also I really appreciated seeing a checklist of parts that had been gone through and ticked off by a human being - although you order via a computerised form you know that there are people on the other end of this system, not an anonymous call-centre in some LEDC. I'd be delighted to order from them again. Review by Ken • (Posted on 17/06/2018)

    Solid and good looking

    I bought a double 60cm version which arrived in three packages five days later. The wood itself is nice and solid, rough cut but not too rough so it looks very attractive. It took me around 45 minutes to assemble the double bin on ground which I had previously made sure was reasonably level. It should be noted that the dovetail joints have a bit of give in them which means that you have to take care lining up - even when the whole thing is assembled you can push it out of alignment a little. I used a large spirit level to check it both horizontally and vertically during and after assembly, and even so now I have filled both bins I notice it leans backwards very slightly. However it feels rock solid and with its lids looks really good in my garden. I've now ordered a larger version to go with it. Review by Mrs K • (Posted on 09/04/2017)

    A great product - perfect!

    A great product and service. My double compost bin arrived within a few days of ordering and I appreciated the timed delivery slot. The product itself was perfect. It arrived carefully packed and I assembled it myself in under an hour without needing to use any tools. I had looked at other companies supplying similar products but was really put off by the consistently negative reviews – badly cut and wet timber which made assembly difficult and requiring two people and use of power tools. Review by Mr McDonald • (Posted on 09/03/2017)

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