Compost Bins

If you're looking for a Compost Bin to keep your garden tidy, or to just have an eco-friendly way to dispose of your garden waste then our Compost Bins are exactly what you need. 

Made from 100% timber with no screws or nails (except in the lids) you can be guaranteed of getting a good solid product that has been designed with many years of use in mind.

We've had the timber pressure treated for you against rot and fungus to give you a low maintenance long lasting product.  

All of our Compost Bins are 100% timber and  have been designed to be extremely easy to assemble. The boards slide into the posts and the extra strong dovetail joints mean that you do not need nails or screws to hold the Bin together.

To get started, have a think about the size of the Bin you are wanting.  We offer different heights, different widths and different side measurements so you can mix and match to get the bin that will fit your garden needs.  

Don't forget - All of our Compost Bins are Extendable.  You can attach another composting bay or two, or join a raised bed to your compost bin with our extension kits.  

So why not start small and just keep adding. They are all designed to slot into each other.

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  • Single Bay Compost Bin

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    Ideal for the smaller garden.

    Our single bay compost bins are a good choice if you have a small to medium-sized garden, particularly if there is not much space for a composting area. Keep the garden tidy with your waste hidden out of view.

  • Double Bay Compost Bin

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    Ideal for medium-sized gardens, allotments, and composting systems.

    Looking for that bit extra?  try the double bay bin which has two separate bins which can be ordered to the height and width you need.

  • Triple Bay Compost Bin

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    The giant amongst Compost Bins.

    This is a heavy duty extra large compost bin which is a giant among compost bins.   It is ideal for large garden, allotments, commercial gardens and full composting systems.

  • Add On Compost Bin Bay

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    Find you can never have enough space .

    Our Addon compost bin bays are a great way to add additional composting space at a later date as you needs grow.

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