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About Us

At Agamemnon Timber we decided a long time ago to do things a bit differently.  

Our view was that a simple approach to a good quality product was what we wanted to achieve.  So we designed Compost Bins and Raised Beds that are really very simple. 

They consist of only boards and posts with no nails or screws required.  The products are only made by us and only available directly from us.

Our aim is to offer something a little bit different - so the boards are thicker than average at 25mm thick, they are already treated against rot and our joints are a traditional dovetail shape which provides strength and also enables the boards to slide in and out.

We've been making our Compost Bins and Raised Beds in East Anglia for over 10 years and we are confident that they are made to last.

Feel free to ask any questions that we haven't coverered as we are always keen to expand our knowledge of how you use your garden.

We look forward to working with you!

Paul McCaffrey

Legal Bits

Agamemnon Timber is a trading name of Paul McCaffrey Systems Ltd.

Registered in the UK number 2434145.

VAT number: GB 524 83 9331.

Registered office address: South East Lodge, Rede Road, Whepstead, IP29 4ST.